JiraGear controls an Activity Stream in Jira via iOS devices.

Ever felt uncomfortable about time that it takes from the moment when update of JIRA project takes place and you becoming aware of it? Ever wished to receive notifications about activities that happen in JIRA right away, wherever you are, just by taking a quick glance at the lock screen of your iOS device? Then JiraGear is what you need.

About JiraGear

Software development and business teams use JIRA to manage projects, organize business processes, assign tasks and organize Helpdesk/Support systems. It is important to stay updated on changes that take place in order to be able to respond to them in a timely manner. JIRA has a built-in email notification system that can be easily adjusted for the company. However, this solution can hardly be called convenient, especially when you are interested in particular events and instead you receive tens or even hundreds of emails each day, being away from your desk, in a meeting or family event.

JiraGear uses Activity Stream that you can set up personally for yourself in JIRA using Activity Stream Gadget and visualizes it. JIRA allows you to create unlimited number of Streams that will display Activities customized by filters you need: project, issue type, username, activity, etc. All these Streams also can be added to JiraGear application. Moreover, Activity Streams from multiple JIRA instances can be collected within one application.

Main functions

Activities and Streams can be added, deleted and viewed the same way it is done in JIRA. New Activities can be easily distinguished by the label Unread. In addition to the automatic label, we introduced possibility to manage their condition: mark some or all Activities as read/unread. Also you can open, view and work with Jira issues right from the Activity Stream in application.

Another key feature of JiraGear is the ability to customize notification alerts. User can choose Activity Stream and turn on “check for updates” in the background mode. The notification alert will pop up on the lock screen or iOS Notification Center when new activities occur (according to application settings).


  • View selected Activity Stream.
  • Notification settings for new activities in selected Streams, while app is in background mode.
  • View JIRA issue from selected Activity and work with it right from the application.
  • Mark Activity as read/unread.
  • Add unlimited number of Activity Streams from multiple JIRA instances.
  • Import saved Activity Streams.
  • Convenient, user-friendly interface and easy navigation.


  • iPhone screenshots
  • iPAD screenshots



Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App Store


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