EpubCloud Integration für ein E-Publishing Unternehmen

Unser Unternehmen entwickelte eine maßgeschneiderte Cloud-Lösung, die auf unserem Produkt EpubCloud basiert.


SCAND was approached by the client that wanted to adapt our product EpubCloud to serve as a base for their startup. Its purpose was to connect publishers, universities, and students to deliver affordable e-books through mobile applications. The client considered EpubCloud as a great product that they wanted to use for their cloud-based EPUB management infrastructure.

The client wanted to develop a complex solution that would:

  • Establish a more transparent sales process for better sales tracking
  • Guarantee security of e-books from piracy
  • Create a flexible and secure monetization system


The client chose EpubCloud due to its scalability, security and customization options. Development team implemented a device-based DRM system to prevent the e-books from piracy. A secure in-app monetization system and a real-time sales reporting system were also developed.

Key features


SCAND implemented a device-based DRM system that guarantees that it will be impossible to extract an e-book file out of the device. In case of a loss of the device, a fail-safe system was added to DRM that allowed to bind student’s account to another device after the user identified themselves. It is done using a phone number as well as university-hosted email address.



The system allows a student to buy or rent e-books using a storefront developed by our team. The support for popular payment system was integrated. Students could also rent specific chapters to compile textbooks to prepare for exams without needing to pay for the whole book. Added Print-on-Demand option provides a student with an option to order a printed version of the e-book.



A real-time reporting system lets the publishers track the sales of their books. We also developed a tablet application for iOS and Android for publishers that allows them to track the sales in real time and use it for decision-making purposes. The system also fills in sales info automatically, which simplifies the accounting process.


Our company developed a custom cloud solution, based on our product — EpubCloud

EpubCloud provided a secure and efficient storage and distribution system for EPUB e-books.

Our team provided additional functionality to protect the content from piracy, integrated monetization systems and created a real-time reporting system.

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